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Jeff, Jason, and a Roundtable of Friends are your podcast hosts discussing everything from comics to movies to television shows and all things pop culture and geek related! The guys welcome guests from all geek culture media, from comic books to movies to music, if it's geek-related, HOBI covers it

Mar 15, 2014

Jeff and Jason welcome back author Jeff Morris to discuss a more uplifting Top 5 than the last time he was on the show. The guys discuss Listener Feedback including if there was enough blue dong in the Watchmen movie along with Jason apologizing, yes apologizing for being wrong about the sequel to 300! Jeff, Jason and Morris discuss the future of the Amazing Spider-man franchise and if there is any hope for the Terminator franchise. Voices rise when the guys discuss the worst and best sequels, including Jeff's unbelievable number one best sequel!

over ten years ago

Sorry about that John. We are trying to work on that but have had a few problems recently with tagging the episodes. Thanks for listening and we will try our best to get this sorted out.

over ten years ago

Loving the podcast so far, just one thing...
Could you guys properly edit the mp3 tags and/or give the mp3 a consistent filename? I have this podcast set up to automatically download, but with the lack of proper tags or a good consistent filename it gets lost in the mess of misc mp3s.

Still though, keep up the good work!