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Jeff, Jason and Blake are your podcast hosts discussing everything from comics to movies to television shows and all things pop culture and geek related! The guys welcome guests from all geek culture media, from comic books to movies to music, if it's geek-related, HOBI covers it!

Jan 21, 2015

Blake, Jeff and Jason are in the BOB Studio with no guests this week and ready to celebrate the podcast's one year anniversary!  Blake realizes he is podcasting instead of celebrating his wife's birthday and worries he may have to sleep in the studio soon.  Things get heated during Listener Feedback as Jeff can't finish his answers and Jason is told he is wrong on all his opinions!  The guys review their favorite screenplays from the 2015 Black List and Jason may have spoiled Suicide Squad for Jeff.  The gang discuss the colossal failure that is Blackhat and wonder why Jennifer Lopez still makes movies.  The guys list their Top 5 Most Wanted Television Spin-offs and give out three bad ideas this week for those keeping count at home!