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Jeff, Jason, and a Roundtable of Friends are your podcast hosts discussing everything from comics to movies to television shows and all things pop culture and geek related! The guys welcome guests from all geek culture media, from comic books to movies to music, if it's geek-related, HOBI covers it

Feb 4, 2015

Blake is missing due to a personal commitment but movie critic the Ditt-Man joins Jeff and Jason in the Bob Studio to talk all things geek!  The guys rank the worst comic book movies and get depressed by the Super Bowl commercials while wondering how the Double Dog Down sandwich from KFC is even edible.  Jason gets more giddy than before with the new Jurassic World trailer and Paul rules the latest Riddle Me This by recasting the Muppets with celebrities!  The guys get excited for the new Titans television show and wonder if the Fantastic Four movie could actually be good.  The gang wonders if Exploding Kittens the card game will make more money than the films Blackhat or Mortdecai and try to determine why J-Lo has a movie career still.  The guys debate their Top 5 Kids Films That Adults Enjoy and give advice on how NOT to make a bad Super Bowl commercial!