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Jeff, Jason and Blake are your podcast hosts discussing everything from comics to movies to television shows and all things pop culture and geek related! The guys welcome guests from all geek culture media, from comic books to movies to music, if it's geek-related, HOBI covers it!

Feb 8, 2014

Jason and Jeff welcome their first special guest into the BOB Studio, Nic Carmosino!  Nic tries his best to be the best color man in the business on topics ranging from super heroic archers to Dukes of Hazzard Big Wheels!  Nic helps the fans get to know Jeff and Jason better with some personal questions while the guys experience some technical difficulties and almost destroy the newly minted studio!  Nic joins the guys for the Top 5 in childhood toys and Jason goes goofy on the latest/old John Noble news!  Nic and Jeff try their hardest to convince Jason that Community is a great show!