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Jeff, Jason and Blake are your podcast hosts discussing everything from comics to movies to television shows and all things pop culture and geek related! The guys welcome guests from all geek culture media, from comic books to movies to music, if it's geek-related, HOBI covers it!

Nov 22, 2017

Jeanie, formerly of the Salty Language Podcast, joins HOBI to talk her disdain of Riverdale, her love of Toledo and what's it like to be married to a bearded adonis!  Jason is intrigued by Amazon's adaptation of The Boys, Jeff, thanks to a great fan, got a Playstation 4 and Jeanie gives her recommendation for Thanksgiving week fun.  The gang find out they have enough pull in the industry to make EA change their payment system on Star Wars Battlefront Two, well in theory, and Jim starts his binge watching of Wynonna Earp!  The crew list their Top 5 Inaction Films, which is left up to a wide range of interpretation and Bryan from Salty Language helps make the Bad Idea of the Week! This episode is sponsored by the Cincinnati Comic Expo.  Don't forget to subscribe to our podcast!